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Enjoy 10%-15% discount
while you build your new home
We’re here to help you create spaces that mirror who you are.

In 2012, we started Urban Ladder with a vision – to make a million homes beautiful. Back then, our catalogue featured just 35 designs, but to our customers they signified infinite possibilities. The same table, the same chair was used completely differently by different people. This told us something. People like their homes to be unique.

Today, we realise we’re here not just to sell well-designed products. We’re here to help you create spaces that mirror who you are. Our new brand identity is a reflection of this renewed purpose. It’s a celebration of the creative spirit that makes each of us and our homes different.

Creativity is for Everyone
Most of us think of creativity as something rare. Something only a few are blessed with. In reality though, there’s nothing more ordinary than creativity. To be creative simply means to create. And that’s something we do all the time. We tell stories even if we’re not writers. We think new thoughts even if we’re not thinkers. We experiment with recipes even if we’re not chefs. And we create spaces even if we’re not designers. At Urban Ladder, we want you to discover the joy of creating. Starting with your home





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