Who all are eligible for the RahejaCare membership ?
Eligibility for membership to RahejaCare is limited only those who have an association with Raheja Universal Pvt. Ltd.

  • Directors of Raheja Universal Pvt. Ltd.
  • Employees of Raheja Universal Pvt. Ltd.
  • All vendors/agencies of all departments of Raheja Universal Pvt. Ltd.
  • All Residents & Clients of Raheja Universal Pvt. Ltd.
  • All RahejaLive Tenants and owners
  • All Channel partners, lawyers, bankers, and other service providers to Raheja Universal Pvt. Ltd.
  • All potential clients/residents of Raheja Universal Pvt. Ltd.
  • Any individual who has been referred by an employee or a director of Raheja Universal Pvt. Ltd.

    How do I register and get my login details ?
    To be a part of the RahejaCare family kindly go to www.rahejacare.com and apply for your membership by filling the registration form. Your application will then be reviewed by the RahejaCare team. Upon approval of application you will receive an email confirmation, along with your virtual loyalty card. Upon confirmation, you can visit www.rahejacare.com, log in to start exploring the world of privileges and benefits.
    Your physical loyalty card will be sent to you in one month, after registration.

    In case you need any further assistance, call +91-22 6641 4141 or write to us at enquiry@rahejacare.com


    How do I avail the benefits online ?
    Kindly Log in with your RahejaCare membership ID and password; head to our Brand Alliance page to browse through our wide range of offers from associate brands. After selecting desired brand, click on ‘Avail the Offer’ to get a promo code. Use this promo code on the brand website to avail your membership discount.

    With a confirmed membership, you are eligible to enjoy the privileges and avail discounts from our partner brands and enterprises.
    To do so, you must first log on to www.rahejacare.com, log in peruse the offers available.

    Upon finding your preferred choice, click on ‘Avail this Offer’ and you will receive a unique code. Kindly use this code on the partner sites as your ‘Promo Code’.


    How do I get my RahejaCare Loyalty Card ?
    After having completed the online registration process on rahejacare.com, we will verify your application and you will soon receive an email of confirmation from RahejaCare team. Once confirmed, you will receive your RahejaCare loyalty card within 30 days, subject to correct correspondence address provided.


    How do I use the Loyalty Card provided to me ?
    You can show the loyalty card at our various allied outlets to avail the benefits.